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About Othmar Vohringer Outdoors

Othmar Vohringer Outdoors is the vehicle through which I promote my services to the hunting community and industry. In 2001, after my retirement from a 30-plus year career as one of the leading animal behaviorists, I decided to combine my professional knowledge and lifelong deer and turkey hunting expertise and make it available to hunters through hunting magazine articles, newspaper columns, videos and seminars. Through communications with 1000's of everyday hunters I realized that there is a need and desire for unbiased, free of hype, real life knowledge that hunters of all skill levels are longing for.

For me hunting is much more than pursuing wild game animals in order to hang a trophy on the wall or to put meat in the freezer. Hunting for me is "a way of life" that involves stewardship of our natural world and the wildlife with in it. A true hunter is also a conservationist and a mentor doing his part  in the preservation of our unique hunting/conservationist heritage for future generations. That sums up perfectly what Othmar Vohringer Outdoors is all about.

Meet The Team

Othmar Vohringer
Over the last decade Othmar has been fortunate enough to share his passion for hunting and the deep appreciation he has for nature in some of Canada's leading outdoor magazines, newspaper columns and on countless seminars throughout Canada. Othmar tries to inform and inspire others about our rich and diverse hunting heritage and our responsibility as stewards of all things wild and beautiful. Before Othmar became a full time photographer, hunter and communicator he earned a living for over 30 years as an internationally respected animal beahviourist, a specialized knowledge that he readily incorporates in his many years of hunting experience. To Othmar hunting always meant more than just going out to pursue wildlife; to him it's a way of life. If he is not out hunting or studying wild animals he writes about his endeavours or talks about it on seminars. As an educator and promoter he's active in the preservation of our hunting heritage and the recruitment of young and new hunters.. Learn more about Othmar Vohringer.

about_heidi1.jpg Heidi Koehler
Wildlife, flowers, landscapes, family, trade events, history, people, pets and everything in between Heidi Koehler captures
the often fleeting beauty for prosperity with her camera. Her images have been showcased in many publications and art exhibitions and have won her many awards. Heidi Koehler is just as talented as a graphic designer and illustrator as she is with her camera. The Canadian software company Corel published her graphic art and photo manipulations to showcase what can be done with their software. Learn more about Heidi Koehler.
Read the Heidi Koehler Photography blog.

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