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about_othmar_top.jpgBorn and raised in Switzerland I had no idea how many turns my life would take before it would take me to where I am today. As a child I had even less of an idea that my fascination with animals, especially their behaviour and communication, would one day dominate my professional life, first as an internationally acclaimed animal trainer and animal behaviourist and in later years as an outdoor writer and seminar speaker.

It all started in early childhood living with parents that encouraged and nurtured my interest in nature and animals. As a teenager my main interest was figuring out how animals communicate with each other and how I could use such knowledge to glean an inside view of animal life. I started my journey of animal behaviour studies by observing the various chicken flocks in farm yards around my neighborhood. This eventually led to the desire to learn a profession were I could work with animals and continue my quest of understanding animals.

My parents were very supportive of that desire but they argued that perhaps it would be wiser to learn a trade that has more substance and one that I could fall back on should my “dream” not work out. It has to be said at this point that in Europe a trade was very desirable, almost a requirement, for anyone wanting to succeed in life. This made sense to me and so I agreed to learn the same trade my twin brother had chosen…to become a butcher. The upside about the meat trade was that butchers in Europe receive a very comprehensive four year training that involves animal welfare, veterinary medicine, animal anatomy and other aspects that would be very beneficial to me in regards to understanding animals.

othmarimg4.jpgAfter the apprenticeship and finishing special training to become a certified “Master Butcher” the way was open to follow my dream of becoming an animal trainer and behaviourist. Back then in the mid-sixties the study of animal behaviour was still in its infancy with few options to study. Besides that fact I didn’t want to become a theoretical animal behaviourist sitting somewhere at an office desk all my life. I wanted to work directly with animals. After researching all the options available I figured the best way to do that would be to train animals. This did turn out to be the best way. In order to understand animals you not only have to study them by observation, you have to work with them on a one-to-one relationship. And so I became an animal trainer, learning from the ground up for five years. My favourite animals to work with have always been tigers and elephants and that is still so to this day.

othmarimg2.jpgMy profession required that I travel a lot and so I practically lived out of a suitcase for the next 30 plus years. That in itself provided me with a lot of opportunities to experience many different cultures and meet many people. In turn it also provided me with a greater understanding and appreciation of the many different cultures sharing this planet. My travels took across continental Europe, the U.K., the U.S.A. and the P.R. of China. I came to North America in 1994 living first in Illinois with occasional visits to central and eastern Canada. I was awestruck with the rich hunting heritage in North America that (unlike in Europe) enabled anybody, regardless of social and financial background, to purchase a hunting license. I was equally impressed with the variety of methods that could be employed by hunters and the variety of game that could be pursued. As a result of this unique opportunity I became an accomplished hunter with bow, crossbow, rifle, muzzleloader and shotgun.

 In 2001 I chose to retire from the world of performing with animals and the associated rigors of constant travel and moved with my wife to her home... British Columbia, Canada. I pondered for a time on how best I could combine my professional animal behaviour knowledge, hunting expertise plus my love of writing and photography and the answer presented itself quite simply: becoming an outdoor writer and seminar speaker.

othmarimg3.jpgMy favourite game species are whitetail deer and the wild turkeys, but I am also keen on upland bird and waterfowl hunting. As a hunter, writer and seminar speaker I apply my knowledge as an animal behaviourist on a regular basis. I believe that it is this unique combination of knowing about animals and hunting experience that has given me a certain edge over many others when it comes to “figuring out” hunting tactics. Since my forte always has been animal communication I am fortunate enough to incorporate that too in my hunting tactics and make it available to others through my writing and seminars. Going by the feedback I receive from readers and seminar visitors I can assume that they appreciate this unique combination of expertise and insight into animals.

My objective as a writer and speaker is the same as it was in my former profession; to entertain, inspire, enlighten and educate all at the same time. I enjoy sharing with others what I’ve learned over a lifetime of hunting the wily whitetails and strutting gobblers, researching wildlife behaviour and hunting tactics. Something that I feel very strongly about is that a big part of our hunting heritage is the duty to pass our knowledge and expertise on to others, especially the next generation in order that our unique hunting and nature stewardship traditions may continue into the future and with that, secure the beauty of our nature and abundant wildlife populations for all to enjoy.

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Outdoor Writers of Canada (Regional Director for British Columbia and Yukon)

Canadian Wild Turkey Federation
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Nicola Valley Fish & Game Club (Board of Directors)

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