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writing_image.jpgOthmar is an accomplished outdoor writer with publishing records in many hunting magazines, newspapers, and on the Internet, throughout North America. An experienced deer and turkey hunter with bow, rifle, muzzleloader and shotgun he draws form a wide field of knowledge gathered in a lifetime of participating in the hunting sport and from his profession as animal behaviorist.

A great part of his appeal with the readers is to find in the fact that he writes for hunters, not showcasing himself. Othmar said about his writing; "My objective is to entertain, inspire, enlighten and educate. I enjoy sharing with others what I’ve learned over a lifetime of hunting, researching wildlife behaviour and hunting tactics." Steven Kendus, Author of the book "Hunting The First State", had this to say. “Othmar is an influential presence in the hunting community, and I value his advice. Othmar's writings are valuable sources of information for thousands of hunters and outdoorsmen who look forward to reading his insightful articles.”

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Othmar is a regular contributing editor for the following publications.
Contributing Editor Western Sportsman Magazine

Contributing Editor BC Outdoors Magazine
Contributing Editor Canadian Outdoor Sportsman Magazine
Contributing Editor The Outdoor Edge Magazine
Columnist Merritt Herald (view columns here.)
Publisher Whitetail Deer Passion (View here.)
Publisher Wild Turkey Fever (View here.)

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Recent Publications
  • "Speed Scouting" BC Outdoors Magazine Fall Issue 2014
  • "See What The Deer Tell You" Western Sportsman Magazine 2014
  • "Sturgeons -BC's Very Own River Monsters" Merritt Herald 2014
  • "Get Outside And Make Memories That Last A Lifetime" Merritt Herald 2014
  • "Leave No Trace Behind From Your Outdoor Visit" Merritt Herald 2014
  • "Hunting Bucks On Public Land" Whitetail Deer Passion 2014
  • "Call And Rattle Big Bucks In" Whitetail Deer Passion 2014
  • "Using Decoys To Bring In The Bucks" Whitetail Deer Passion 2014
  • "The Most Common Mistakes When Choosing a Treestand Location" Whitetail Deer Passion 2014
  • "Hunting Whitetail Deer From The Ground" Whitetail Deer Passion 2014
  • "Afternoon Turkey Hunting Tactics" Wild Turkey Fever 2014
  • "Hunting Turkeys In Wet Weather" Wild Turkey Fever 2014
  • "The Latest Graze In Turkey Hunting - Gobbler Fanning" Wild Turkey Fever 2014

Here you can read a small selection of comments and letters that I receive regularly from readers of my articles.

Steven Kendus, Outdoors Writer and PR Professional. 
“Othmar's knowledge and experience regarding all things related to the Canadian outdoors is reflected in his seminars and writings. He is a 'go-to' resource for hunters looking to pursue wild turkeys and deer in British Columbia, and as a leading animal behaviorists his advice is second to none.”

Shawn Moretti, Bowhunter from Wisconsin
 I give credit to Othmar and the work that he does. I will continue to seek his advice and from professionals in this sport, like Othmar Vohringer, because their tactics are proven effective and they make sense. 
Dayne Shuda, Hunting Business Marketing,
“Othmar always has a great talent for writing, which makes this post excellent and easy to follow.
He had many great characteristics of remarkable blog posts in his article. He took a controversial topic and used his great opinion to provide value to his readers. He used a real life story and ended with a positive message.
All of these things made the story relatable. Great job Othmar.”

Steffan M, British Columbia "Hi Othmar, Just want to send you a note of appreciation and tell you that I love your articles. You are very knowledgeable about deer hunting and provide much insight through your writing  that would take years to acquire! Keep the good work you do up!"

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