"Othmar is an internationally recognized animal behaviourist and with over 25 years of whitetail deer and wild turkey hunting experience has become one of British Columbia's, and beyond, most popular seminar speakers. Othmar's own style of humour and vast insight into hunting coupled with his knowledge as an animal behaviourist has made his seminars the type of educational and inspiring  information modern hunters of all ages and skill levels seek. With a long list of seminar topics Othmar is able to provide what your event visitors want to hear and learn about."

"Othmar's expertise and passion for the hunting sport, combined with his no hype approach and commonsense hunting tactics is just the right mixture modern hunters seek and appreciate." 
Bill Otway.


Seminar Bookings: Please note that I attend many events each year and all of them are scheduled many months ahead. It is best to inquire at least four months ahead of your planned event.

I am available  for:
  • Outdoor Trade Shows
  • Hunting Sport Stores
  • Outfitter Camps
  • Fish & Game Clubs
  • Schools
  • Church Events
  • Fundraisers
I offer a large selection of whitetail deer and wild turkey hunting how-to-seminars and courses, deer and turkey calling classes, and hands-on product demonstrations.
All seminars, courses and classes are appropriately illustrated with images, graphs, maps and, or video.
If you're interested in booking me for your upcoming event please contact me today for a full information package. 
Here you can read a small selection of comments and letters that I received from visitors and organizers of my seminars.
Justin Paterson, General Manager, Grouse River Outfitters.
“I’d like to say a huge thank-you from everyone here at Grouse River Outfitters who was involved with the seminar. I heard nothing but good things, and I am very glad that we were able to have you involved. Thanks again for your time."

Shawn Moretti, Bowhunter from Wisconsin
 I give credit to Othmar and the work that he does. I will continue to seek his advice and from professionals in this sport, like Othmar Vohringer, because their tactics are proven effective and they make sense."

Brian Warner, Owner of Heirloom Custom Turkey Calls
"I have said it before and will say it again. Othmar is a been-there, done-that guy who really has been there and done that. His vast experience with animals of all types has made him an expert in the world of animal behavior. He has the uncanny ability to "read" an animal’s body language and know it's next move. This ability has served him well over the years and he graciously shares it with others.
Bill Otway, Canada's legendary conservationist and Canadian Angler Hall Of Fame inductee.
“I have been actively involved in working in, presenting to and helping organize hunting and fishing seminars in British Columbia for over 50 years. I can say without fear of contradiction that the Turkey seminar put on by Othmar was one of the best seminars I have ever been involved in."

Keith Johnson, Bowhunter from Illinois, USA
"Hi Othmar, just wanted to send you a note of thanks and gratitude. Your Whitetail Deer Seminar was top notch and more informative than any deer hunting seminars that I have attended by various well known "celebrity" hunters. I appreciate, beyond what words can express, for the time you took to talk to us all after the seminar and answer all the questions we had. You're a true icon for many hunters."

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